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Advertising budget with Shown

Quick overview on how the advertising budget (spend) is managed by Shown.

There are two scenarios possible. You can either  link your own ad accounts or use your single Shown account for payment.

1. Link own ad accounts

If you link your own ad accounts (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc), the advertising budget (spend) is directly managed by the different native ad platforms. You will have to login in the different accounts to add your payment methods & access your invoices

2. Use of Shown account

If you don't have existing ad accounts or don't want to create one on every single ad platform, Shown can handle this for you.  By selecting your Shown account in the creation of campaigns, it will automatically create new accounts on the different ad platforms on your behalf. 

This means that payments of the advertising budget (spend) will be managed directly by Shown & it offers the following advantages:

- One single account to manage ads on all the major platforms

- One place with all your invoices & admin setup

- Faster & more advanced cross-platforms budget optimization

Note: Shown will charge 20%* service fee of the total monthly advertising budget in this scenario. *other % can be applicable for different use cases. Refer to our terms of services for more information.


How is the advertising budget charged by Shown ?


It is important to understand how the budget is being charged on your credit card or Paypal account to avoid confusions. 

Whenever you launch a new campaign or increase the budget of existing campaigns, Shown will try to authorize your payment method to check if it is active and has sufficient funds to pay for the maximum weekly amount (7 days * daily budget) that you may be invoiced for.


- If the authorization fails, this is similar to a credit card decline, and you will receive a message that your campaign was not able to be launched or your budget was not able to be increased.

- If the authorization succeeds, then you will be able to launch your campaign or increase your campaign budget.


An authorization is not an actual charge, hence why there is no corresponding invoice for one. However, an authorization may look like a charge in your online financial statements.

You will be able to see the actual amount that will be charged, as well as the billing  charge date here:

1. Go to business settings > Billing & subscription

2. You will find the information under 'Current advertising spend'


Screenshot 2021-08-18 at 09.38.54


Note : If you don't spend the maximum weekly amount, Shown will release the remaining funds to your bank. You will only be charged for the actual campaign spend.