Advertising policies

As a premier partner of major advertising platforms. We need to make sure our users comply with their advertising policies. Ad policies may vary between the different platforms, but the majority of them are universal. You'll find more information below.
Note that if you are violating any policy, your account will be suspended and you won't be able to advertise on Shown anymore for your business. 

Overview of policies


A. Prohibited content: 

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Dangerous products or services
  • Inappropriate content
  • Enabling dishonest behaviour
B. Prohibited practices: 
  • Abusing ad network
  • Data collection & use
  • Misrepresentation

C. Restricted content & features:

  • Online Gambling
  • Adult websites
  • counterfeit goods
  • Healthcare & medicines
  • Financial services
  • Alcohol

For more detailed information about the different ad policies, go to our partners' website: