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What is the status of my campaign?

Understand the different statuses of your ad campaigns.

Besides seeing if your ad campaigns are enabled or paused, you can also see their different statuses at any time. 

Draft, paused or enabled

Group 4943-1Group 4942Group 494324

  • A draft label means you haven't published your ads yet. Most of the time, it means your campaign has some missing information. Another reason could be that you don't have enough credits to publish your ads. In both scenario's, you should click back on the platform showing the draft label & complete the steps again. 
  • Enabled means your campaign is published & on 'enabled'. This doesn't mean that it is active yet as it could be 'under review' (see below)
  •  When you pause your campaigns, you'll see the paused label. Paused campaigns will stop spending media budget. When your balance is running low, your campaigns will also be paused automatically. 

Under review

Group 4943b

After publishing your campaign our ad partners (Google, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, etc) review your ads in order to see if they comply with their advertising policies. This can take up to 3 days. 

  • If the review is successful, you will see a 'reviewed' label appearing (see below);
  • If your ads got rejected by our partners for some reasons, you will see a 'action required' label (see below);
  • If your account got suspended due to non-compliance with our partners' policies, you will see a 'suspended' label (see below)

Your ads could also stop working after some time for other reasons. Whenever your ads are not performing, a marketing expert from Shown will review them & make sure to get them back on track. 


Group 494g3

When you see the label reviewed, it means your ads have been reviewed & accepted by the ad platforms & by our marketing experts at Shown.

Action required

Group 494o3

There are several reasons why your ads can stop working; your budget is running low, too many capital letters in your ad copies, optimisation needed, etc. In order to see the action to take, you need to hover or click on the question mark next to the label. r


Group 49ss3 

If you do not comply with our partners' ad policies, your account will eventually get suspended. This means you won't be able to continue advertising for your business on Shown.