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How to launch a shown campaign?

After creating your business, you will have the possibility to create your first ads. In this short article, we will highlight the different steps to follow:


1. Start by filling your website URL or landing page. Your ads will link to that given URL.

2. A campaign is driven by a goal. As second step you will be asked to select your advertising goal:


Screenshot 2021-03-29 at 09.50.59

We highly recommend to choose (custom) website conversions (such as signups or even time on site) instead of website traffic. This will improve your campaign results. 


3. Select the channels you would like to appear on. You can always add more platforms later. Bear in mind that the more channels you would like to try, the bigger your advertising budget will be.


4. Choose your target audience by selecting their demographics and common interests. Try to have interests selected for all the different platforms. 


5. Finalise the configuration of the different platforms: 

  • Select the ad account you would like to use. 
  • Select your FB page (for IG & FG campaigns only)
  • Select your keywords (for search campaigns only)
  • Select your monthly budget