What is Shown?

Grow your business with our simple, fast & collaborative ad platform.


We aim to build the best all-in-one ad platform that empowers anyone to create & manage high-performing ad campaigns.



Today's solutions for SMBs are not optimal for several reasons:

  • Tools are often designed for larger advertisers only, are complex & focus on optimisation only.
  • All tools (especially native ad platforms) are slow, ineffective and not collaborative enough for this era of productivity.
  • Agencies & freelancers are expensive & their upfront costs might prevent some of you to start.

About Shown

Shown is a single place where you can effectively launch, manage & optimise online ad campaigns on all major platforms. 


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1. Create

Select a specific goal (ex: demo signups), your target audience, the different platforms you would like to try and Shown will publish best-in-class campaigns on all of them.

2. Optimise

Shown will optimise your ads towards the selected goal on all platforms & maximise your return on investment. Optimisations include ongoing recommandations, A/B tests & cross-platforms budget adjustments.

3. Collaborate

Add your colleagues, designers or clients to your Shown workspace & collaborate seamlessly on your ad campaigns.