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Which Shown plan is the best for me?

Discover the features & level of support included in the different Shown plans.

We offer 4 different plans offering different features & level of support:

  1. Within the Free plan, you can create 1 campaign & you are limited in the amount of business assets you can use. Only email support is available. This plan is perfect for small businesses with a limited media spend.
  2. Within the Self-service plan, you can create up to 4 campaigns. You get access to our automated AI to improve your ads results. You get email & low-priority chat support. This is an intermediate plan for small and medium businesses willing to acquire clients with quality campaigns without the hassle of managing them.
  3. Within our Advanced plan, you get everything from the Self-service plan with higher limits, as well as a monthly call with a marketing expert. Priority chat & email support. Ideal for growing companies with bigger media budgets. 
  4. Within our Managed plan, we take care of everything. For companies willing to scale.

There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel your subscription at anytime.