Why is my website not working with Shown?

Website issues / Problems

There can be several reasons why we cannot start your Shown campaign with your current website. In order to offer you great results and return on your ads investment, we need to make sure your website is of high quality and running. Please find the most common website issues below:   

1. Website destination is not working

Some campaigns can't be created, because the website URL is not working. Make sure to have a check before starting with Shown. If you still need to create a website, please refer to our Wix partner.


2. Websites of poor quality

Some websites are of really poor quality:

  • Loading time is too high (big images are often the main reason)
  • Not (enough) text content, which makes it hard for visitors to understand and turn into real clients 
  • No clear actions on homepage 
  • Really bad designs

These different issues will make it really hard for you to have a positive return on your ad spend. This is why, we prefer not to proceed with your Shown campaign and make you waste your media budget.

If you need to improve or renew your website, please refer to our Wix partner.

3. Policy Violation
 Your business needs to comply with our partners' advertising policies:
Prohibited content examples:
  • Online Gambling
  • Adult websites
  • counterfeit goods
  • Healthcare & medicines
  • Financial services
  • Alcohol

If your ads are not complying with the advertising policies, they won't be published.